Mandates and freedom don’t go together

Image by author © N Elliott

Whatever side on which a person comes down on the matter of the medical procedure de rigueur, the matter of freedom eclipses all concerns in this moment. In light of the president’s statements yesterday, every US citizen should have freedom alarm bells going off, and it’s a five alarm situation.

Those alarm bells have been ringing quite some time now, but these latest edicts directly challenge our responsibilities as citizens. …

Photo by author © N Elliott

It’s a spooky town. The breath of its deep darkness hangs in the air. Walking these quiet streets, I can feel the rage and torment, the lostness and grief of the men who struggled with their lives for bread and liquor and their place on earth, the bruised women who toiled with terror and hope and despair, the dreamless children who walked the rail in their dirty clothes.

The place seeps perhaps not with their ghosts, but with emotions so intense they linger through the years in the shadows of the looming houses, those vulgar homes too big for common…


© N Elliott

there would have been
and candles.
the house would have filled up
the rooms would have come alive
with chatter.
there would have been
stories and jokes
and laughter.
you would have made a wish
and blown out the candles.
i would have seen
that light in your eyes
as you looked on
even now
i smile


Stand for Freedom

Originally published at on August 29, 2021.

© N Elliott

upturned faces
washed by the sun
wind tossed
the tender buds
reach up
strong, intent
each one tearfully beautiful
in its becoming
every moment
suffused in the journey
finally one day unfolding
into extravagant bloom
the petals swiftly spent
drifting to earth


Stand for Freedom

Originally published at on August 27, 2021.

who is this guy, anyway ? flash fiction

© N Elliott

The tall man walked into her dream clearly unaware he was in her personal space.

He looked around for a moment then headed toward an outlet in the wall where a cord was plugged in. She watched him stroll right up and simply pull the plug.

She rushed in and told him no, no that has to be plugged in there. She took it from him and plugged it back in.

He apologized and proceeded to go about moving other things around.

Soon, another person arrived loaded down with various items. The…

Rushed and less-than-transparent pharmaceutical approval process raises concerns

© N Elliott

Yesterday, the US Food and Drug Administration granted approval of one of the C-19 pharmaceuticals for persons 16 years and up. For those who are paying attention, this does not exactly provide warm fuzzies.

Perhaps most concerning is the abandonment of protocols and transparency. Right out of the gate, the approval was based on only six months of data, about a year and a half before clinical studies could even be complete.

Conducting studies assumes we care about the data, but this approval provided no visible data, no review of the data…

when creativity seems ‘stuck’ you gotta figure a way forward

© N Elliott

When the words don’t want to come, I soon discover that my other creative endeavors are stymied, too.

When I feel a block in my writing, I think to myself, “I need to stitch,” or, “I need to paint.” I gather my materials, feeling assured that the project will kickstart my writing again, only to find myself staring at my supplies. I find I’m stuck in that area, too.

The muse does not discriminate. If I am feeling resistance to writing, it’s creative resistance across the board. And this is…

crickets chirping.
a bird’s clear note.
a star-filled sky
slowly giving way
to the sun
spilling pink into the horizon
reaching toward
ever more blue.
trees standing in silhouette
until the light infuses
every growing thing
and the air
whispers everything awake.
these, at least, are truth.


Originally published at on August 21, 2021.

Privacy on the chopping block, yet again.

© N Elliott

As if we don’t have enough to be concerned about already, now Apple decides it’s the perfect time to step up surveillance on everyone’s phones.

In the past, Apple made kind of a thing about championing privacy, but they lately announced their plan to start scouring the photos on your iPhone, just checking, you know, to make sure that none of them appear to be matches for child sexual abuse images in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database.

While it sounds well-meaning enough on the surface, this, like other things…

© N Elliott

let this whole day be my prayer
wrapped in the arms of an imagination
that loves so much it spills over
with endless beauty
unnoticed, pushed aside, destroyed
as the empty totems are so busily tended
day in day out

but let this whole day be my prayer
paused in stillness breathing the mystery
seeing all the startling details
as each dulcet note plays
for me for us
how and why did we ever turn our backs to this
it’s a pretty crazy game
everyone forced to play
can’t we just walk away, somehow

eyes, heart, breath, hand
know the truth and pant for it
right here underneath the detritus of our dementia
but each whole day was and is our prayer
each step a wordless devotion


Originally published at on August 1, 2021.

Nancy Elliott

Writer, artist curious about compassion, interconnection, creativity, life.

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